The Shin

THE SHIN is from Republic of Georgia, a Caucasian country in Eurasia to the east of the Black Sea will be a new release on JARO Records. “EGARI”, the project focused on the Georgian tradition and singing.

The Shin’s newest project “Egari” is a collaboration with a Georgian folkloric musicians, singers and dancer. It is based on Georgian polyphony, traditional instruments, fiery Caucasian dance and European ethno-jazz. The name “Egari” means “That’s it!” and reflects The Shin interpretation of the Georgian folk music. The musicians resurrect archaic instruments, breathe new life into them, and free them of the dusty, archival, as well as pathetic Soviet-era teint. Egari is a rebirth of the free and unfettered dialog between East and West, which has always been a characteristic of Georgian culture: in the poetry of Rustaveli, the paintings of Pirosmani, old Tbilisi’s architecture, Otar Ioseliani’s films, and of course, in that country’s music. The latter, now fully revealing its true nature, is open to inspire and be inspired by the musical essence of other cultures. This overwhelming acoustic-visual experience represents a highly original contribution to the development of music in the beginning of the 21st century.

The Shin are Zaza Miminoshvili (guitars and midi guitars, panduri, song writing), Zurab J. Gagnidze (fretless electric and acoustic bass, Guruli vocals, song writing), Mamuka Ghaghanidze (vocals percussion, song writing).

The Shin formed in Germany in 1998, where Zaza Miminoshvili and Zurab Gagnidze have been since 1994. Mamuka Gaganidze joined the group in 2002. In their Georgian homeland, these musicians are already living legends and belong to the artistic elite of the country: composers and performers Zaza Miminoshvili and Zurab Gagnidze wrote music for Robert Sturua’s productions for the state theater in Tbilisi, and also for many motion pictures. They were prize winners at numerous jazz festivals. In 1992, Zaza Miminoshvili was named the best acoustic guitarist in Georgia. Mamuka Gaganidze records soundtracks with with the famous Georgian composer Giya Kancheli. Zurab Gagnidze worked with Randy Brecker, Chaka Khan, Okay Temiz, Giora Feidman, Ramesh Shotham and many others. The musicians are famous for their jazz-fusion, rooted in Georgian musical traditions but strongly influenced by other international sources. Their witty version of this music has been distinguished by several international prizes.

In Georgian Shin means the road home. Even though each of us has our own personal road home and our own personal home, the music of The Shin has the amazing ability of leading everyone ”home”. The music leads you to somewhere you know you’ve been before, where the windows are fogged over from the rain and it smells of kitchen smells, where you hear voices and, even though you might not understand what they are saying, you understand everything anyway. This music leads you home, no matter how far away it is.

The Shin’s music brilliantly unites Georgian folk tunes with jazz, the unique vocal technique of Georgia with scat, elements of flamenco, ancient eastern and modern western music. The Shin’s „instrumental theatre“ replete with cultural undertones. The music oscillates between pure life-joy (with lots of humorous asides) and genuine solemnity. The Shin generates rhythmic-harmonic extensions, seasoned with exotic sound-spices from Europe’s Southeastern frontier to the Orient. The group’s guruli-type polyphonies merge pagan ancestry with Byzantine celebration, under an all-inclusive, sui generis type of swing, whilst the specific sound of the Georgian language is adapted to jazz’s scat tradition. It is a masterly performance, displaying virtuosity, explosive temperament and sparkling humor of the musicians, as well as their remarkable emotional interplay and the special rapport that the musicians share with their listeners, literally enthralling the audience from their very first notes.

Played with
Randy Brecker, Giora Feidman, Chaka Khan, Okay Temiz, Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Jatinda Thakur, Shankar Lal, Fill Guy, Rajesh Mehta, Milt Hinton, David Murray, Julius Hemphill, Don Byron, Ernie Watts, Elliot Sharpe, Joe Lovano, Kimmi Knepper, Richard Davis, Jaki Byard

ManyTimer (World-Jazz), BBB Music Ltd., 2004, The Shin, Büttelborn, Germany (In the beginning of May2005 nominated a best CD of the week by the Blue Rhythm magazine.) Ibero-Caucasian Style (Jazz-World), CD & CD ROM, 2003, The Shin, Heilbronn, Germany. The Shin (Jazz-Rock) F&C Records, 1995, Jazz Group ADIO, Heilbronn, Germany. Tseruli (acoustic guitar music), Acoustic Music Records, 1999, The Shin, Osnabrück, Germany.

The Legend of Tamar (Broadway Show), Erisioni Productions, 2000, Seatle, USA. Lazutlar (Black Sea Style), Kalan Müzik, Yapim, 2000, Fuat Saka, Istanbul, Turkey.

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