Performace: Brit-Pop

Band: Sandro Sulakhveklidze – Drums, Vocals
Acho Sulakhvelidze – Bass Guitar
Oto Khmaladze – Keyboards
Gio Cholokava – Solo Guitar

Smile was formed in Tbilisi 2006. First members were Sandro Sulakhveklidze (Drums, Vocals), Acho Sulakhvelidze (Bass Guitar), Oto Khmaladze (Keyboards), Nodo Pakeliani (Rhythm Guitar), after two month Gio Cholokava (Solo Guitar) joined the band and they had their first concert at club “Two Side” where they played mostly covers.

In the late 2006, Rhythm Guitar player left the band the reason: went to France, after this band consists of four members. In 2006 Smile has played at national Rock fest at Technical University after this the band began to play in schools and in pubs.

In 2007 the band started to write their own songs, influence: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Oasis, Coldplay, Foo Fighters etc.

Nowadays the band is working at their first album entitled “Long Strong Story” which will release in 2009.

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