Performance: Indie – Pop

Band: David Gabelaia  – Vocals, Rhodes
Rodney Perez – Guitar
Alex Schalja – Bass
David Meister – Drums

Coming from musically rich backgrounds, the members of Starpost take advantage of their different cultures and experiences to give life to this project. They have been influenced by the pre-Y2K era, where organic met synthetic, where real became virtual, embracing the concept and reflecting it in their music. The rhythm section brings both precision and muscle to the music, while the melodic section creates a dense albeit beautiful wall of enchanting sounds.

There is no better feeling than listening to music which takes you back somewhere you know you’ve been before. Melodies that make your memory fly back down the vortex of lost thoughts, slowly drawing a smile or even perhaps a tear. That kind of feeling that leaves you asking for more, time and time again. No matter where you are or what you are doing it comes back to you. Starpost’s music does that to you and more. It invites you, it lulls you in, it captures you, only to drop you with the most climatic, hypnotic-like codas, leaving that big grin on your face, a feeling of “musical” warmth and ecstatic fulfilment. They successfully manage to combine the most rich and refreshing elements of Britpop with truly refreshing sonic landscapes, almost reminiscent of “post-rock”, bringing back the focus on what really matters after all, the music. Lyrically, they explore different universal subjects which go far beyond the typical love-centered story. Inspired mainly by their surroundings, they tell stories which gather everyday life experiences.

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