Spandera and Kompartia / შპამდერა და კომპარტია

Performance: New Wave – Psychedelic – Gothic

Band: Spander – Vocal, Guitar, Programming
Beska – Programming, Fx

Project was formed in the year of 2000 by Giorgi Spanderashvili, during all this time band name and it’s members has been changed several times. the latest name of the band was “Margajoba” wich was formed by Giorgi Spanderashvili and Zura Memanishvili but due to many problems the band end up. Soon Giorgi decide to make project entitled “Spendera Da Kompartia”. He has recorded several demo tracks using fruity loops in different recording studios. In 2008 giorgi decided to make the band again and he did it with Beska, so finally they started to record their debut album, also the bands works on soundtrack of movie entitled “Tsru” (Means fibber in Georgian).

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