Sopho Khalvashi / სოფო ხალვაში

Georgia is set to make its debut at Eurovision Song Contest 2007. The Georgian broadcaster announced that the debut entry will be performed by the internally selected singer, Sopho Khalvashi. This decision was made based on a poll which Sopho Khalvashi won with over 60% of the votes. Sopho Khalvashi sang five songs during the national final on 3 March 2007, where televoting and SMS voting on the part of the Georgian audience selected “My Story” for her to sing in Helsinki. The song was written by Beqa Jafaridze and Bibi Kvachadze.

At Eurovision, Sopho Khalvashi will drop her last name for the performance and the song will be performed under the title “Visionary Dream”. Georgia will take part in the semifinal on 10 May, performing in the sixth position, after Iceland and before Montenegro.

Sopho Khalvashi is winner of third prize at commercial song contest “New Wave” 2006 in Jurmala, Latvia. After success there she signed contract with Russian management agency “ARS” led by famous Russian composer Igor Krutoy, and with triumph returned back to her homeland, where immediately received suggestion from “Imedi” channel to host local talents show “On Imedi’s waves”.

21 year old Sopho (Sofico) lives in Batumi (Georgia). She is studying on the fourth course of musical school (piano and oboe). She is the winner of the musical contest of young singers “School of Nutsa – 2004 “. Sofico’s teacher of singing thinks, that the girl has very special voice, calling it “mezzo-soprano of big range “. The young actress was born on the last day of spring. Sofico loves rain, calls forth the desire to create something, it is especially pleasant for her to sing when it rains! Her favourite animal is a tiger. Sofico prefers to have a rest at the seaside. In her free time she enjoys roller-skating, communicating with friends and reading. She likes swimming. One of the most amusing cases in Sofico’s life was when she was late for her own birthday and on coming to the party saw her friends celebrating her birthday without her! She likes to wear jeans. In perfume she likes the aromas from Gucci and Christian Dior. She studied well at school, her favourite subject was literature, and the least favourite was chemistry. Her secret dream is to become famous and reach perfection in her profession! She dreams to sing a duet with Areta Franklin and Tina Turner.

Sofico likes sincere people and can’t bear artful women and silly men. She is proud of the fact that despite difficulties, she does her favourite business. She cooks well and can cook practically everything but her borshch is always especially tasty. Her favourite writer is Michael Bulgakov. One of the books which she has recently read and which has impressed her greatly was “Alchemist” by P.Coehlo. Sofico loves different types of music of good quality, but especially classical rock. The singer likes to celebrate her favourite holiday, New Year, at home.

She dreams of getting a song as a birthday present. It’s too early to speak about the debut album of Sofico – the actress is sure that she still needs to work much at it. Sofico has been singing since she was three: she used to wake up her parents and neighbours with the song of Soso Pavliashvili “It’s dawning» (which was triumphally sung by Soso in Yurmala). Sofico is planning to celebrate her fiftieth anniversary among the people she loves, in the restaurant on Tour d’Eiffel. If she had to choose what to take with her to an inhabited island, she would take a piano with her.

She easily gets up in the morning, at about nine o’clock, and almost always with a sensation of happiness. – Her favourite expression is “The one who searches will always find!”. In her childhood she dreamed of becoming “a doctor of dogs” – that is a veterinary. The refrigerator of the young actress always contains … beer! Her favorite dance is a rock-and-roll, her favorite fruit is pineapple, and her favorite sweets are kozinaki. She dreams of doing a parachute jump one day – how can it be possible to miss a chance to feel like a bird? She never leaves home without make-up, her handy and … without mood.

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