Okeane / ოკეანე

Band: V. Makalatioa – Vocal
K. Vashalomidze – Guitar
M. Mamulashvili – Bass
B. Dzenaldze – Keyboard
D. Tabliashvili – Drums

About: Okeane was first Georgian band performing Hard-Rock on Georgian language, The band was founded at the end of 80’s the project was made by famous georgian Guitar player and composer Kako Vashalomidze. The band was formed during so called “national awakening” and the tragedy of april 9th, 1989 which influenced their lyrics. Melodic music of the band and strong vocals by Vakho Makalatia get quickly famous, the band had many gigs all over Georgia. Unfortunately all of their original recordings are on audio tape but you may find digital downloads at Ermonia’s Blog.

*Usually we don’t put here any audio but we couldn’t find any web of this band we decided to put their track “Trialebs Planeta” which was recorded in 1989.

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