Rema Shelegia / რემა შელეგია

Rema ShelegiaRema Shelegia (1883 – 1955) is one of those magnificent artists who devoted their entire lives to the development and popularization of Georgian folklore. As a talented student of Dimitri Chalaganidze, the last representative of the Martvili School of sacred chant, and of Dzuku Lolua, who is referred to as the patriarch of Megrelian song, Shelegia polished the art of performance to unprecedented heights, reviving forgotten melodies and bringing them to the public. He also created his own variants of many songs. For his great contributions, Rema Shelegia holds a worthy place in Georgia’s pantheon of honored artists. Rema Shelegia was a singer with exquisite technique – a soloist, an improviser, and an artist who always remained true to traditional performance ethics.

Songs performed by Rema Shelegia survive in recordings preserved at the State Radio Fund. These recordings still amaze listeners with their brilliant performance manner. Shelegia contributed immeasurably to training gifted singers and future choirmasters. His choirs always received standing ovations, both from Georgian and foreign audiences.

Rema Shelegia played a very important role in the cultural life of one of Georgia’s most beautiful regions – Samegrelo.

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