Band: Guga Chaidze – Songwriting, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Sound Engineering and Production
Giorgi Chelidze – Solo/Rythm Guitar
Giorgi Gogodze – Solo/Rythm Guitar
Sandro Tsiklauri – Keyboards
Giorgi Mezurnishvili – Bass Guitar
Giorgi Bulbulashvili – Drums
About: Band was formed in 2009. For now Belizer released two albums “Catharsis Gallery” 2009 and “Catharsis Gallery (second edition)” 2010, which is actually remastered version with some songs being re-recorded. At present we are working on our second album “The Same Old Story”.

CATHARSIS GALLERY (concept and idea behind)

1. How Many Times

Main message is – how many times we shall not trust the God? Some people when they want to achieve something they try to put everything under their control. Any obstacle or deviation from their plans only irritates them. They do not want to stop for a while and to think. Maybe there is any point in problems that they are facing when they try to do their best to achieve what they pursue? They believe that they must control everything and blame anyone in bad things if happens, and simply do not want to believe that obstacle may come from the God.
Others – after they failed once, think that they are not allowed to achieve anything. They give up easily and blame fate and fortune. They do not believe that they can do much more. They do not believe that the God will ever give them a chance. And they adopt to live to new requirements thus killing inside of them something divine. Something that may not and cannot be killed. The main character of our story is one of them. He had some desire, gave up quickly and started normal and common life – work, wife, kids. But desire comes from the soul, means from the God. And one cannot just ignore it always. But also fear and disbelief are our travelling companions for a long time. Obsession from one hand disbelief from the other kills inside us belief that is the only way. Lets say this song is sung by the soul and time. Versus – by the past. Chorus – by the future. Addressed – to our person, about whom the whole story is.

2. Yet I Cannot Be …

Beginning of the story is “enough”. One cannot find happiness in peace and prosperity if something inside his soul have not found the way out.

3. Wait

Man must simply realize that anything he obtains, takes something away. The faster you get the more you loose. The faster you live, the sooner the death will visit you. Be active, but calm.

4. Life Starts Killing You

Nobody is saint. And in order to learn how to rise one must fall. The same happened here.
We are always after our desires, dreams. And when they are for us of first priority, we condemn everything prevents us. Means we condemn life. And life starts killing us. The same is in this story.

5. No Deal

When help is given just to save someone from any problem, it will cause more problems. Man must pass any test that life gives, himself only. Only in this case he will learn something. And tests and problems are saving our souls. So when we address with “help me” we’d better have no reply. When we say “save our souls”, be prepared and have no fear. Nothing is as important as our souls as they are part of eternity.
This song is just a message from life to the main character of this story.

6. Labyrinth

Any man goes, with time, through labyrinth of ideologies, philosophies, concepts. But actually it does not matter where you go. Matters only ….

7. Man and Time

No matter what darkness surrounds you. Inside there is always a light, even when you think that you are let’s say “the prince of darkness”. Both are part of eternity the light and the darkness, but light was created first. We born with light inside of us that fades with time. And in the light we shall return in the end. Some sooner, some later. And darkness will not disappear, but it comes from the light itself. Time has more power than man can imagine.

8. Winter Evening

Soul is endless. End means beginning of something new. There is much less beauty in the evening without a candle and in the candle without evening. Everything complements each other. Light – darkness, darkness – light. Every moment is counterfeit illusion of our strength, of our weakness, we are all light and darkness and everything coexists and develops into new forms of coexistence.

9. The Way (through catharsis gallery)

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10. In The Bar

Everything in this life is temporary except our sole. Waiter brings our life on a tray. Life must be digested, confession must be said. After that – barmen is waiting. But in the end – clear endless sky, eternity of falls and raises, of light and of darkness, of development of our souls.

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