Luka Nakashidze / ლუკა ნაკაშიძე

Luka Nakashidze – 17 years old musician from Georgia, Tbilisi.

He about himself: I am from Georgia, a country which besides the very deep musical culture and history I think now is hugely flooded with crappy techno and tv show music. Its quite hard for me, especially after making music for 4 years (I am 17) to get a proper musical feedback in the country. My latest music seems to me and my close surrounding quite good, of course I fully acknowledge that it needs further mastering and some adjustments. I mostly use my own sounds and sometimes mix if it gets complicated. I always perform live and use laptop, mpd, evolution and apc40.

I am working on my debut album “The Catcher In The Rye” and actually its all ready done as digital album but I want to print CD and make a presentation. My album will be realized very soon.

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