Performance: Aleatoric/Ambient/Experimental
I don’t have any philosophy, but all my life I’ve dreamt that i can fly, and that I know what it means to fly. In lots of dreams I leave earth. I often dream that I’m in a surrounded by people in tuxedoes, holding drinks in their hands, and I know I could shut them all up in one go. They don’t want me there.Then I’m on tiptoes and I let myself go, I just take off and I end up on the ceiling. And then … I swoop down to the floor and fly up again, and everyone says, “Oh!” Then I turn elegantly at the wall. I dream that the people are all speechless, watching me, a man, fly. Or I dream that I’m flying over mountains. That’s a classic. My Music has shown it from the start. In the studio I close my eyes, I ave my hand on the fader, and I try to form the sounds. I send them through the speakers like a bird flying. That’s not a philosophy, more like primitive dream to make the music fly because I’m flying.

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