Landmark / ლენდმარკი

Greetings fellow citizens of Internet, let me tell you a story about the band called Landmark. First of all you, in which I mean our dear listeners there are a few facts you should know about the band.

The fundament of the band consists of three casual day astronauts,one of them is called Monsieur David AKA Dato Abaishvili the other one Baski who has too many names an Jorj, simply Jorj. David’s main instrument is the bass guitar an essential element to Landmarks sound, by the way he also practices some black magic in his spare time,let me explain you how. When the structure of the song is created David takes the instruments, will it be a guitar or a Rhodes piano and gives the creature life, just like Frankenstein, he takes the dead tissues and connects them with the hope that a distant travelling soul can once inhabit this rotten corpse and become a unity of tiny organisms forming life.

The other is the chemist called Baski he’s the storyteller, his mind is just like the Pandora’s box which, when opened, unleashes plagues, death and sympathetic evil which may the be personages in Landmark’s songs – will it be a lone parent of a daughter hit by a bus or a worthless patient on a wheelchair watching his beloved nurse Stephanie spend her last day as an employee of the ol’ Hamshire clinic.

When there was a last remaining light shimmering in the dark,there was him…Any hope of a happy ending or a friendly cheer faded away, as he entered the hallway. The one who trampled on your naïve beliefs, sleepless nights, fake relationships, consumer ideologies, degrading careers, materialism, he’s name: Jorj. All his life, forced to obey the immature rules of human kind,he left the machine, rewired his guitar strings, learned how to the instrument the way it was meant to be (as a lefty) and joined the cause to shatter mankind.

So Landmark is actually more than music, it’s not even that all above, you may twist the words and call them architects too or an act of revenge, or an act of molestation…. Also there is one important thing I have to mention, you may like their music, but don’t make a mistake, never sympathize to the band members, they may have the killer looks, but are nothing but cynic villains of this century, fallen apart with any sense of responsibility. So please nevermind their personalities, but open your mind to their music.

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