A Trio (Alan Gasser, Stuart Gelzer, and Carl Linich) Performing Traditional Vocal Music from the Republic of Georgia. KAVKASIA (meaning “Caucasus”) consists of three Americans who together have more than forty years of experience singing the traditionalusic of Georgia. In 1994 we formed a professional vocal trio dedicated to studying and performing that music. In the years since then, we have performed everywhere from Lincoln Center to the Tbilisi Opera House.

We sing concerts and lead workshops in North America, and we have made several extended visits to Georgia to study with singers there, both in professional ensembles and in remote villages. In 1997 each of us was made a State Prize Laureate and was awarded the Silver Medal of the Georgian Ministry of Culture “for profound knowledge of the folk music of Georgia and his role in its popularization around the world.”

In April 2004 Kavkasia was on tour in New England, performing six concerts: at Williams College, Williamstown, MA; Bennington College, Bennington, VT; Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; Saxtons River, VT; Columbia University, New York, NY; and Marlboro, NY.

In August 2004 Kavkasia performed its Tenth Anniversary Concert at the Church of the Holy Trinity, in Toronto.

The same week, Kavkasia taught a six-day intensive workshop on Georgian singing at the Royal Conservatory of Music, in Toronto.

In October 2006 Kavkasia performed in Fredericksburg, Virginia: a workshop at Chancellor High School; a concert and a workshop at the University of Mary Washington; and a concert on the Acoustic Roots series at the Liberty Town Arts Workshop.

In January 2007 Kavkasia performed in Toronto: January 13: concert at the Church of the Holy Trinity presented by Small World Music and the Church of the Holy Trinity and January 14 York University Recital Hall.

In late January 2007 Kavkasia performed in the Bay Area with the women’s vocal ensemble Kitka: January 26 at St. John’s Church in San Francisco; January 27 at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz; January 28 at the First Unitarian Church in Oakland.

What the CRITICS have said about KAVKASIA:

“…exotic, beautifully modulated style… haunting beauty…”
New York Times

“… as riveting as any world beat act.”
Now Magazine

“This music is hundreds of years old, its origins deep in the Caucasus Mountains, harmonious and throaty.”
Weekend Edition, National Public Radio

“… superb blend and tuning… outstanding, both as an introduction to a rich musical tradition and as an example of highly accomplished a cappella singing.”
Toronto Globe and Mail

“This music vibrates up your body, and by the time it gets to the back of your neck, the little hairs on the back of your neck are standing up. It’s quite wonderful.”
Metro Morning, Canadian Broadcasting Company

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