Musical group “Vivo” was created in 2003. Among its group members are: Davit Mgeladze, Goga Meskhi, Giorgi Sukhitashvili, and Mikheil Sharashenidze.

“Vivo” is extremely involved in a variety of concerts, events and cultural activities. The group won the 2005-2007 musical contests “Patrinoti”. “Vivo” was also a participant in an international festival entitled “Songs on Samegrelo”. The first solo concert of “Vivo” was in the regional town of Gori in July 2007. “Vivo” has video clips on three of its songs, two of which are popular on radio stations devoted to music. “Vivo” has recorded song duets with famous Georgian singers such as Tamuna Amonashvili, Sopho Khalvashi, and Tako Gachechiladze. “Vivo” released its first musical album “Georgian Style” in summer, 2007. Vivo is currently working towards creating new musical compositions and producing video clips.

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