Guga Aptsiauri

The favourite toy for Guga Aptsiauri in his childhood was a musical record. He collected them and still keeps a vast collection of musical records.

Guga Aptsiauri was born in the city of Vladikavkaz, which is the capital of North Ossetian republic, in 1984. He was 9 years old when his family moved to Georgia. His secondary school’s music teacher first discovered Aptsiauri’s musical talent and skills. He first participated in the children’s musical festival entitled “Air-98.” It was his first emergence before the wider audience. However, Aptsiauri was unsuccessful because he was too anxious and nervous. Several years later, he participated in the same festival for the second time and walked away as the first prize-winner. Aptsiauri eventually graduated from a musical school, piano department.

After graduating from the secondary school, Aptsiauri intended to enter the state conservatory and dreamed to become an opera singer. During one year, he took classes in vocal under the supervision of Dina Jitava. However, at the last moment, he changed his mind and submitted documents to the Shota Rustaveli State University of Movie and Theatre, Department of Art Manager. He started thinking how to become a pop singer. Aptsiauri is especially fond of soul and R&B. His favourite singers include Whitney Houston, Rachel Farrell and Eric Benet.

In 2003 Aptsiauri recoded his first song “With You” (composer Rusa Morchiladze, author of lyrics Irina Sanikidze). In 2005, Aptsiauri took part in a musical contest “GeoStar -2005.” However, he only made it as far as the third round of the competition. Soon afterwards Aptsiauri’s video clip on “With You” appeared on TV.

Aptsiauri has participated in various musical activities. He met a young musician Giorgi Ergemlidze during on of such events. They jointly established an audio studio where they worked on their own songs. All songs are in English language, while Irma Aptsiauri is the author of songs’ texts. One of the songs that has been recorded in this studio, won in the Georgian national selection competition for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

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