Neka Sebiskveradze / ნეკა სებისკვერაძე

Place of birth: – Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi.
Date of birth: – 9 December 1984
Education: – Bachelor Degree in journalism

Neka was growing in traditional Georgian family, where fine arts and, especially music, were always prime hobbies and interests. Neka’s singing talent was discovered in age of 5 by her mother, so as a result of this discovery she took Neka to singer’s class, under direction of composer Rusudan Sebiskveradze. The very firs concert, neka took part in, was in Tbilisi Entertainers House, when she was only 6 years old. As she said after, the best thing she liked of it was her beautiful white dress, she wore on stage during performance. The next step in her singer’s career was child-band called “Nergebi”. During the casting, for entering this band, they decided, that Neka had a great feel of rhythm and should play drums. So, this is how Neka became drummer in her seven. As she said, she liked it much, though it was very hard to reach kick drum and hi-hat pedals. Neka’s father said, it was a lot of fun looking at Neka playing drums from concert hall seats – only part of forehead appeared from behind of drumset. She performed 37 songs as drummer, whereupon she decided to leave band. She wanted to sing, but band had no other talent to substitute Neka on Drums, so she left the band in age of eight.

After leaving “Nergebi”, Neka started visiting class conducted by composer David Turashvili. “It was the greatest advance in my singer’s career, being taught by such a great musician” – Neka says. “I was following David Turashvili’s advices all further career” – she says also. David Turashvili became most significant and the only vocals teacher Neka ever had after she finished visiting his class. She was studying music in music college, but was never taught vocals again.

When Neka’s parent realized, that love for singing was more than simple hobby, they decided to help her in advancing to professional scene. They did their best, though it was pretty hard to invest recordings and promotion. Than way Neka’s mother became her manager and was following her wherever Neka went for concerts or festivals.

In 1992 Neka wins “Child Song Contest”. There she meats professional acknowledgement – one of the juries , famous Georgian singer Merab Sepashvili, decided to grant her a Grand Prix of this festival, despite festival organizers didn’t specify such a prize at all in initially. “I even didn’t realized what a big honor it was – I just saw my parent’s faces in tears of happiness and thought that something really big just happened” – Neka says. She was only eight years old then.

In year of 1994 Neka goes to Borjomi town – there she participates in international child song festival called “Crystal fir-tree” along with 15 participants from different countries. She was mentioned by art-director of this festival – Igor Filiev. He invited her to take part in concert dedicated to “Georgian Cinematography’s 100-th year anniversary”. That was first time Neka performed on Georgian State Philarmony scene. She performed along with such a famous georgian singers, as Nani Bregvadze, Buba Kikabidze and Gogi Dolidze. Behind the scene Gogi Dolidze took Neka by hand and told her, that she had a great future.

First appearance on TV concurred with Neka’s ninth birthday. As a result of great performance at “Georgian Cinematography’s 100-th year anniversary”, she was featured over TV as promising talent opening to more than 3 000 000 georgian public. Right after this she records song called “Batumi Troubadours” and gets well known to public in Batumi town. “It was so exiting, seeing people recognizing me in streets in my ten” – Neka says.

Like every musician in the world, one day Neka discovered, that she fail under musical and professional influence of one person. It was musician and piano player Nodar Paladashvili, who impressed her so much with his vision of music and great collection of records of different styles. He was also working as musical editor on Georgian Television 1st Channel. “That was a person I could talk about anything to – in need of any kind of advice or just friendly conversation I appealed to Nodar” – says Neka. When it was very hard to keep on singing and simply survive in Georgia (dear public probably remembers Civil War in the middle of Tbilisi in 1991 and all awful consequences for Georgian society for next years), Nodar made Neka believe in herself and didn’t let her give up her singer career.

The very first job of Neka was singing in musical plays for Russian Youth Theatre. (Remark by webmaster:- she was payed about $25 per month during this period – yeas dear Sirs – it was Georgian reality of 90’s) Shen worked for one year in theatre, though.

In 1998 Neka became bursar of President of Georgia. The same time Neka became Soloist of Georgian Philarmony – prestigious occupation for adults and unimaginable position for thirteen years girl. This facts helped Neka release her very first album, under support of “Renaissance” fund. It was very rare case of releasing local musical production in Georgia these years. “It seems very strange to me now, that I managed to release my first album in my thirteen, but I was so happy looking on it and holding my first CD in hands” – Neka says. She was remaining President’s bursar for period on 1999 through 2003. It helped her a lot in investing more finances in to her musical career.

The first international tour was in Japan – Neka went there with Eka Kakhiani, Nini Badurashvili and Tako Gachichiladze. They performed Georgian folk songs in 9 towns of Japan. After that she had tours in USA, Greece and Israel.

Israel became a historical point in Neka’s journalist career. In year of 2004 she was offered to work for first Georgian-speaking TV channel opened the same year in Tel-Aviv. She worked for 7 months as chief musical editor and VJ also. After coming back to Georgia, Neka started working at “Ucnobi FM 98.0” radio station. Currently Neka works for 1st channel as editor and presenter of “Dila” program.

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